Why Shopping A Car New Is Not Always The Best Option

Why Shopping A Car New Is Not Always The Best Option

There are millions of drivers in the United States that have never owned anything except used vehicles. People may swoon over that "new car smell" or rejoice in seeing an odometer that has only a handful of miles recorded. Unfortunately, those same people will also have much higher vehicle payments and higher insurance costs. Many additional benefits are available to people that spend their money wisely by purchasing car search.

Retention of Value

New cars lose about 30 percent of their value in their first year. Buying used means avoiding that huge loss. Used Cars are sold at prices much closer to their true value and they will retain that value for many years as long as they are properly maintained. It may also mean avoiding the need for gap insurance because the value of the vehicle will closely meet or exceed the balance of the loan used to purchase it.

Avoiding Many Glitches

It is not uncommon for vehicles to experience recalls. Most are minor and will happen during the first couple of years the vehicle is in service. A used vehicle will have fewer recalls to worry about and many of the other new car search glitches will also already have been addressed.

Saving on Registration

The fee for registration drops every year. Used Cars save their owners money every time the registration is due. An inspection is also required and this does raise the question about repairs and maintenance. A used vehicle may have needs that a new vehicle does not. This includes tires or scheduled maintenance like tune-ups and fluid flushes. However, these are expenses that all vehicles will need eventually. Most vehicles are more reliable than ever before and can last many years without needing any expensive repairs.

Warranties are Available

One of the most common reasons people purchase new is because of the warranty protection. A transferable manufacturer's warranty is often available on qualifying vehicles. Manufacturers warranty their products based on how many miles the engine has on it or how old the vehicle is and not how many times it was resold. Many sellers of used vehicles offer their own 30, 60 or 90-day warranty too. It is also possible to purchase a third-party warranty.

A final benefit of buying Used Cars For Sale in Augusta GA is the variety available. Reduced prices may make it possible to purchase vehicle makes that would not have been affordable when they were new. Many used vehicles will have upgrades not offered by factories and purchasing something used means having access to models no longer in production.

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